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You can configure some features of balenaSound by using environment variables. This can be set in the balena dashboard within your app:

navigate to dashboard -> your app -> Environment variables. 

Setting the device name

Learn more about changing environment variables

You can read more about environment variables here.

NOTE: The environment and device service variables are different than configuration variables that make changes to the host OS and supervisor. For various balenaSound customizations, please apply or change environment or specific device variables.

Change device name

By default, your device will be named balenaSound xxxx. This name will show within Airplay device lists, for Spotify Connect, and when searching for devices using Bluetooth. You can change this using DEVICE_NAME environment variable that can be set in balena dashboard.

Set output volumes

By default, balenaSound will set the output volume of your Raspberry Pi to 75% on the basis you can then control the volume upto the maximum from the connected bluetooth device. If you would like to override this, define the SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME environment variable.

Secondly, balenaSound will play connection/disconnection notification sounds at a volume of 75%. If this unsuitable, you can override this with the CONNECTION_NOTIFY_VOLUME environment variable.

Note: these variables should be defined as integer values without the % symbol.

Disable multi-room

By default, balenaSound will start in multi-room mode. When running multi-room you can stream audio into a fleet of devices and have it play perfectly synchronized. It does not matter wether you have 2 or 100 devices, you only need them to be part of the same local network.

If you don't want to use multi-room or you only have one device, you can disable it by creating the DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM variable (with any value, for example: 1).

Note: Multi-room requires a network router that supports IP multicast/broadcast (most modern routers do).

Set bluetooth PIN code

By default, balenaSound bluetooth will connect using Secure Simple Pairing mode. If you would like to override this and use Legacy Mode with a PIN code you can do it by defining the BLUETOOTH_PIN_CODE environment variable. The PIN code must be numeric and up to six digits (1 - 999999).

Note: Legacy Mode is no longer allowed on iOS devices.

Add bluetooth event scripts

balenaSound has configurable scripts you can run on connect and disconnect bluetooth events. If you would like to activate this, set the BLUETOOTH_SCRIPTS environment variable to true. Sample scripts can be found on the ./bluetooth-audio/bluetooh-scripts/ directory, theses can be edited as needed.

Spotify Connect Credentials

Spotify Connect only works with Spotify Premium accounts (due to the use of the librespot library). If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can stream locally without any configuration. If you want to use Spotify Connect over the internet, you'll need to provide your Spotify credentials. To enable Spotify login you can add your username/e-mail and password, which are set with two environment variables: SPOTIFY_LOGIN and SPOTIFY_PASSWORD.